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We design and manufacture various types of industrial machinery, mainly glass, steel, and film-related equipment, and even develop specialized production equipment for specific applications, in order to meet all kinds of user requirements.
At Nakasaku, we offer a full range of services from mechanical and electrical design, parts production, assembly, electrical work, trial operation, on-site installation, and follow-up services.Some of our large assembly plants are equipped with clean rooms.


Our design, electrical, and manufacturing department personnel listen to the user’s needs and find the best answer.Through close communication, we provide comprehensive solutions based on an image of the machine’s operability, maintenance, and operating environment. We solve users’ problems with our know-how, which we have cultivated through working with users in various industries, and with ideas that are not bound by “standards,” which only Nacasaku can provide.


  1. STEP01


    Our representatives from the Engineering, OEM Manufacturing, and Large-Scale Machining departments will meet with you to discuss your needs.

  2. STEP02

    Proposal and Quotation

  3. STEP03



    We provide mechanical and electrical design, parts production, assembly, electrical work, and trial operation according to your needs.

    ・OEM manufacturing

    We provide parts production, assembly, electrical work, and test running according to your needs.

    ・Large-scale machining

    We provide machining services according to specifications.

  4. STEP04

    On-site installation
    and SV (Super Visor)

    We deliver to designated locations in Japan and overseas, perform on-site installation, test runs, and provide operator training.

  5. STEP05

    Follow-up service