NAKASAKU Co., Ltd.ロゴ

Delivery Record

  • Glass processing equipment

    Chemical Strengthening Furnace

    Air Quenching Furnace

    Bending and Tempering Furnace

    Curing Furnace

    Annealing Furnace

    Washing and Drying Machine

    Coating Process: Water Repellent and UV Protection

    Mold Release Coating Equipment

    Spin Coater

    CNC Cutting Machine

    Scribing Machine

    Break-Out and Separation Machine

    Large Screen Printing Line

    Glass Tube Cutting Machine

    Glass Tube Drilling Machine

    Glass Tube Sealing Machine

    Insulating Glass Production Line

    Laminated Glass Production Line

  • Steel processing equipment

    Stainless steel hairline grinding machine

    Tube chamfering machine

    Cut-to-length line

    slitting line

    Electrolytic cleaning line

    Pickling line

    Coil coating line

    Flow control system in finishing line

    Chain driven roller conveyor

    Billet loader

    payoff and tension reel

    coil handling equipment

    Tension leveler

    Recoiling line

    Edging line

    Edge position control system

    Computer numerical control system

  • Film Manufacturing Process Equipment

    Rolling and unrolling machine


    Cutting machine

    Vacuum lifter

    Transport sheet roll with overhead conveyor system

    Vacuum forming machine