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Glass manufacturing

Glass Sheet melting furnace

  • Fabrication melting furnace steel frame-work
  • Heat storage chamber cooling maintenance work
  • Glass Sheet manufacturing heat furnace
  • Glass melting furnace duct and stabilizer construction
  • Reservoir Kiln walkway fabrication reinforcement works
  • Thermal equipment reconstruction

Bottle glass melting furnace

  • DM Kiln iron frame
  • Container glass processing fore-hearth thermal blast furnace chamber steel frame works
  • Container glass processing glass blast furnace feeder
  • Container glass processing kiln gas duct construction
  • Raw Glass batch feeder(Batch Charger) with reciprocating charger plate

Plate glass processing equipment

  • Plate glass processing layer head
  • Plate glass processing balance testing device
  • Plate glass processing dell powder spraying device
  • Plate glass processing top roll machine
  • Plate glass processing water washing drainer device
  • Vertical cut, Horizontal cut, Damaged edge
  • Glass melting furncace expansive duct, Recipro beam device
  • Glass processing layer roll / Thin glass on roll
  • Glass processing layer design fabrication and reinforcement

Glass processing peripheral equipment

  • Glass processing asbestos coil
  • Glass processing asbestos shaft
  • Glass processing cold end faciliteis
  • Glass processing diamond foil automatic grinding device
  • Glass processing defective plate treatment machine、turning function improvements
  • Glass processing grinding foil device
  • Glass processing
  • Glass processing washing and drying machine
  • Neoparies bending machine

Automotive Glass processing equipment

  • Automotive glass processing BT(Horizontal glass curving furnace)
  • Automotive glass processing vertical curve alignment enhancing device
  • Automotive glass processing PBT furnace, vertical glass continuous molding apparatus
  • Automotive glass processing PBT furnace
  • Automotive glass processing QSBⅡcurved glass washing and drying machine
  • Automotive glass processing QSB
  • Automotive glass processing QSB heating furnace reinforcing equipment works
  • Automotive glass processing QSB metallic mold
  • Automotive glass processing QSB cooling duct quick subvent equipment
  • Automotive glass processing QSB
  • Automotive glass processing truck curving glass reinforcing equipment
  • Automobile side mirror continous molding equipment(Roller hearth)
  • Automotive glass processing composite curve equipment
  • Automotive glass processing semi automatic printer
  • Automotive glass processing print equipment line
  • Automotive glass processing backup attachment equipment
  • Automotive glass processing Film transport equipment
  • Automotive glass processing glass film device
  • Automotive glass processing automated insulating glass film shaping and cutting device
  • Automotive glass processing insulating glass equipment

IT related glass manufacturing facilities

Curved glass manufacturing plant

Double-glazed glass manufacturing plant

Glass Printing Machine

  • Glass Processing Printing Machine
  • Bottle Glass Printing machine, Double color printing
  • Ink Drying and cooling equipment

Mirror glass manufacturing equipment

Various glass manufacturing peripheral machine