About glasstec

Glasstec is the most representative specialized exhibition for the world glass industry.
We leap to the world, and now we will participate in glasstec in order to support the development of more customers.


Please visit us at: Hall 12 / C04, 23-26 October 2018

Introduction of product

Glass bending technology maintaining flatness
· Bending process is possible while maintaining flatness.
· Special bending process is possible.
· 3D bending process is realized.

*We create opportunities to provide this technology

Glass cutout equipment
Possible to cut out the glass to round shape. This equipment has all of the process to produce high cutting out quality.

Sheet cutting equipment
To provide a cutting equipment having high cutting dimensional accuracy and high cutting quality.
We can suggest the high-precision cutting technique for resin, paper, metallic foil, polycarbonate, and composite sheets etc.
· Dust free
· Long-live cutting blade
· Available in adhesive/elastic sheets
Example of use : EVA sheet for solar panel

Product installation

Conveyance equipment for glass

We can manufacture equipment of glass production line from the upstream line to the downstream line.
Example: Taking out of glass equipment from the pallet, inserting to production line, conveyance, packaging process etc.
Please leave consistently to us mechanical design, control design, and manufacture.

Target work piece

There are the following equipment manufacturing experience.
LCD glass, vehicle glass, glass tube, glass building material etc.

Processing Equipment

We handle a lot of processing machines of the glass that the cutting equipment, the washing equipment, the furnace for glass chemical strengthening, the drying furnace, and the laminator etc.

Screen Printer

Large Screen Printer System for Vehicle glass, glass for architectural plates, building materials, and other printable objects.

Drying furnace equipment

Equipment for drying glass.
Possible to offer from coating to drying process with drying furnace equipment and screen printer.
Proposal of multi-stage drying furnace according to the application is also available.

Furnace for Glass Chemical Strengthening

Large furnace for strengthening glass through chemical processing.

Glass Stocker

Glass stocker using a robot.

Automatic laminator for mirror

Laminate protective film to the mirror.

Sheet cutting equipment

Equipment for cutting the EVA sheet used in solar panels.

About Nakasaku

Nakasaku Co., Ltd. Carries out manufacturing and assembly, attachments and test runs of industrial machines and equipment in such areas as Iron and Steel, Industrial Electronics, Automobiles and Glass. We also have an annexed clean room setup with an overhead crane and Stone Precision surface plates, where large and sophisticated precision instruments can be made and assembled.our technical competency derived from our rich experience and background enables us to meet our clients ever demanding needs.
Everything we produce is made to order. We will work on development with customers.
Design, Electric design, Assembly,Electrical control work, and Installation.
We also accept individual orders.

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<Engineering Department>

・Insulating glass Equipment
Automotive glass processing equipment, , Insulating glass curving furnace, Automotive glass processing composite curve equipment, Liquid crystal display insulating glass, PDP insulating glass processing equipment, Multi-step drying blast furnace, Exposure machine, Insulating glass melting furnace, Cutting Machines, (UFF) Thin layered glass, Mirror glass processing equipment.
・Steel Manufacturing Equipment
Various Coil Treatment assembly lines, Level Shearing Machines, Tension Leveling Machines, Steel Slitter, Roll Coating Equipment, Deoxidizing Degreasing Equipment, Etching Equipment.
・IT Equipment
Printed circuit board manufacturing equipment, Double sided exposure machine, Automatic illuminator.
・Various Industrial Machines
Screen printing line, Centrifugal molding machines, Coin Molding machine, Automotive parts high pressure cleaning machine, X-ray inspection systems. Organic Material recycling system

<Large-Scale Machining Department>


For any questions and issues regarding machinery and facilities, please do not hesitate to make enquiries using the contacts below.

1, Takamatsu-cho, Konan,
Shiga, JAPAN, ZIP.520-3211

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