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Corporate Profile

We constantly strive to be equal partners and hope to be a flexible company that is not constrained by certain limits.

We at Nakasaku are driven by one keyword ?
?×!=∞, where
〈?〉Undertake common issues together with our customers
〈!〉Meet the challenges brought about by new technology
〈∞〉Generate unlimited potential / possibilities.
Essentially, we believe that the technological hurdles that are faced by our customers are the same hurdles that face us.

Through years of devotion, we have cultivated a wealth of technological expertise, from technological development to process manufacturing, and develop our staff to be proud of their respective duties.

Each of our staff believe that they have the power to develop creative ideas by themselves. Driven by the slogan 'Nakasaku can try to solve any problems!', each staff of Nakasaku will diligently work on every job to meet the requirements of each of our customers.

Yoshimasa Nakasaku
Trade name Nakasaku Co., Ltd.
CEO Yoshimasa Nakasaku
Establishment April 1, 1926
Capital 60 million yen

[Head Office]
1, Takamatsu-cho, Konan, Shiga, JAPAN, ZIP.520-3211
TEL.81-748-75-1175, FAX.81-748-75-0178

[Konan Factory] [Konan Factory 2] [Konan Factory 3]
1, Takamatsu-cho, Konan, Shiga, JAPAN, ZIP.520-3211
TEL.81-748-75-1175, FAX.81-748-75-0178

[Amagasaki Factory]
1-3-20, Kinrakuji-cho, Amagasaki, Hyogo, JAPAN, ZIP.660-0806
TEL.81-6-6481-3515, FAX.81-6-6481-4041

[Amagasaki Factory 2]
1-6-26, Nishinagasu-cho, Amagasaki, Hyogo, JAPAN, ZIP.660-0805
TEL.81-6-6481-3516, FAX.81-6-6481-4041

[Matsusaka Factory]
60-1, Nanami, Asada-cho , Matsusaka, Mie, JAPAN, ZIP.515-0027
TEL.81-598-51-0785, FAX.81-598-51-0786

[Affiliated Companies]
NAKASAKU Corporation Ltd.
NAKASAKU Corporation Shanghai Ltd.
TEL.86-21-61808235, FAX.86-21-61808237