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Corporate History


New Amagasaki factory construction was completed in Amagasaki city Kinrakuji
Factory compound is 3306m2, where the buildings houses 1,684m2, the clean room houses 443m2, a second clean room houses 448m2 and an assembly bay 540m2

Naksaku Ltd met the ISO 9001 quality standards and received certification


The CEO Mr. Hiroshi Naksakau assumed the post of Chairman and the post of CEO was filled by Mr. Yoshimasa Nakasaku.


At a site next to the Amagasaki factory, a clean room factory was constructed measuing 456m2 bringing the whole factory area to a size of 2,568m2


During this time new constructions, renovations and site expansions were carried out as Nakasaku continued in its growth path. A 4 storied structure was completed in 1993 and the company changed its trading name to Nakasaku Kabushiki Kaisha (Co Ltd)


In May, the Osaka Small and Medium size Enterprise Investment Promotion Company was set up.

1974 -1987

All the three factories witnessed and increase in size and at Shiga Head Quarters a welfare block measuring 5,555m2 was constructed.


January, Fuji engineering KK was set up in order to strengthen the design department,


Was a remarkable year for Nakasaku, a new factory in Koga Shiga prefecture was built at a size of 4,935m2 on land measuring 24,626m2. In May the company dormitories was completed and consequently the staff were moved to Shiga, At the same time Shiga factory was named the new Head Quarters while the Amagasaki factories were changed to Amagasaki factory.


July, a capital increase of 10 million yen brought the capital balance to 15 million yen.


January, the Amagasaki factory was increased to 1,285m2


In May of this year Matsuzaka factory was built at a site covering 4,860m2 with a floor space of 1,160m2


This year witnessed massive expansions which saw the factory site increasing in site to 893m2,
In June, capital injection of 15 million increased the capital balance to 2 million yen and in July, an additional 3 million yen was injected and the capital increased to 5 million yen


In July a second factory was constructed at a site of 401m2 with floor space of 330m2


July of 1950 capital of 500,000 yen was injected and the trading name was changed to Nakasaku Tekko Co. Ltd (Iron Works)

April 1926

Ikuji Nakasaku founded Nakasaku Kikai Seisakusho Ltd in Hyogo prefecture Amagasaki city.